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Based on your responses the results will give you an indication of the level of your psychological distress and whether it would be helpful to seek support.

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Sydney Psych Hub offers extensive help to adults, adolescents, and children.

Our highly skilled and qualified psychologists will take the time to understand who you are as a person and help you to overcome life’s challenges to achieve personal goals and reach full potential.

Adult Psychological Services

Through empathy, insight, and evidence-based practices, our psychologists offer support, healing, and the tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Shared support: Find strength in shared experiences with others who understand your journey
Safe Space: Express freely in a non-judgement environment, fostering trust and healing.
Diverse Perspectives: Gain insights and resilience through varied viewpoints.
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Youth Psychological Services

We help young people facing a range of challenges including anxiety and depression, school refusal, social difficulties, bullying, anger management, behavioural difficulties and learning problems.

Safe Space: Therapy provides a confidential place for youth to share and heal.
Coping Skills: It teaches practical ways to handle challenges.
Personal Growth: Therapy fosters self-improvement and emotional well-being.
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Our Values & Vision

At Sydney Psych Hub, we focus
on five important values.

Group Therapy: Empowering Together

Our group programs offer a supportive community for individuals seeking connection, understanding and growth. Suited for those facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, emotion dysregulation or relationship issues, our programs provide a safe space to share experiences, gain coping strategies, and forge meaningful connections.

Adults (18 years plus)

DBT Skills group therapy

The DBT informed skills group therapy program will focus on teaching individuals mindfulness and distress tolerance skills to help better manage distressing emotions and make better choices.

Starting 24th of July 2024
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Anxiety Group (8-12 years old)

Cool Kids® group therapy

Cool Kids® is a family-based treatment program that provides children and parents with skills and strategies to help children manage their anxiety.

4-5pm (Kids) & 5-5:30pm (Parents)
Starting 25th of July 2024
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Telehealth Psychology

Rural and Remote Telehealth Psychology

Rural and Remote Telehealth

Empowering Minds, Anywhere: Seamless Rural and Remote Telehealth Solutions for Your Mental Well-being


There are lots of benefits of accessing Rural and Remote Telehealth service:

1. Accessible Support: Telehealth offers on-demand therapy, breaking down location barriers and ensuring help is just a click away.

2. Comfort and Convenience: Experience therapy from home, reducing stress. Telehealth promotes relaxed, private sessions, fostering open communication.

3. Enhanced Privacy: Confidential online counselling removes stigma, encouraging more people to prioritise mental well-being discreetly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a psychologist do?

Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists are university trained clinicians who specialise in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems and disorders. Psychologists can assess patterns of thought, behaviour, and emotion to help understand the difficulties experienced by clients and therefore provide the right intervention to help alleviate the emotional burden experienced by the client.

Psychologists work together with their clients to help them overcome difficulties in all aspects of their life including experiences of anxiety and depression, social difficulties, eating disorders, substance disorders, stress and harassment in the workplace, bullying, and relationship conflict.

You can find out more about how a psychologist could help you from the Australian Psychological Society https://psychology.org.au/psychology/about-psychology

What can I expect from a session?

To start off with, the first session will usually involve a comprehensive assessment where we aim to understand your personal circumstances and current concerns and difficulties. With this understanding your psychologist will develop a treatment plan which can look different for each individual. Our psychologists use evidence based approaches to ensure that you are receiving the right support. To find out more read our blog in the Resources Section: What to Expect When You See a Psychologist: A Guide to Your Mental Health Journey.

What are the costs involved?

The fee to see a Psychologist ranges from $200 to $260 for a 50 minute session, with an additional charge of $20 for the first session, and an additional $25 for sessions 4pm onwards and on Saturdays.  With a GP referral or if you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for a rebate for your session. Please call our friendly team to discuss our rates and the rebates you may be eligible for depending on your referral type. Generally with a Medicare referral you are entitled to a rebate for each session, for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

You may also be eligible to claim through your Private Health Fund and it would be best if you contacted them directly to find out more.

If you have been referred through Worker’s Compensation or Third Party Insurance Services, then there are no out of pocket costs for you. We also can support people with a self-managed or plan-managed NDIS package.

Do I need a referral?

A referral is not required to book an appointment with a Psychologist, however, if you would like to access a Medicare rebate for your session you will need a referral from your GP, Psychiatrist, or Paediatrician. A referral must include:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address
  • Diagnosis or symptoms
  • List of any current medications
  • Number of sessions you are being referred for

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