Helping Kids Conquer Anxiety: The Cool Kids Program at Youth Psych Hub

Welcome to the Sydney Psych Hub and Youth Psych Hub blog, where we share the latest insights and programs to support mental health and well-being. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the Cool Kids Program, a ground breaking initiative developed by Macquarie University aimed at helping children and adolescents manage anxiety. Our Accredited Psychologists offer this program at the start of each school term.

What is the Cool Kids Program?

The Cool Kids Program is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program designed specifically for children aged 7-12 who are experiencing anxiety. Developed by experts at Macquarie University, this program has been helping young people overcome their fears and build resilience for over two decades.

Key Features of the Cool Kids Program

  1. Structured Sessions: The program consists of 10 weekly sessions, each lasting about an hour. These sessions are structured to gradually introduce and build on key CBT principles, providing a clear roadmap for progress.
  2. Parent Involvement: Recognising the crucial role parents play in their children’s lives, the Cool Kids Program includes parent sessions. These sessions equip parents with strategies to support their children’s progress and manage their own anxiety.
  3. Practical Skills: Children learn practical skills to manage anxiety, such as identifying anxious thoughts, developing problem-solving techniques, and practising relaxation exercises. These skills are not only useful for managing anxiety but also beneficial for overall emotional regulation.
  4. Customisable Approach: The program is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each child. Whether the child is dealing with social anxiety, generalised anxiety, or specific phobias, the Cool Kids Program can adapt to provide effective support.
  5. Proven Effectiveness: Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of the Cool Kids Program. Research indicates that approximately 60-80% of children who complete the program experience significant reductions in anxiety symptoms, with improvements often maintained over the long term.

Benefits of the Cool Kids Program

  • Improved Coping Mechanisms: Children learn to recognise and challenge their anxious thoughts, leading to more adaptive coping mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Confidence: By facing and overcoming their fears, children build self-confidence and resilience.
  • Better Academic and Social Outcomes: Reduced anxiety can lead to improved performance in school and better social interactions, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Supportive Community: Participating in the program helps children feel less isolated in their struggles with anxiety, fostering a sense of community and support.

How to Get Started

At Youth Psych Hub, we are proud to offer the Cool Kids Program as part of our comprehensive suite of services. Our highly qualified and experienced psychologists are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and support for your child.

If you think your child could benefit from the Cool Kids Program, please contact as on (02) 9054 7830 or email us at for more information and to register your child.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety can be a challenging experience for children and their families, but with the right support, it is possible to manage and overcome it. The Cool Kids Program offers a proven, structured approach to help young people build the skills they need to thrive.

At Youth Psych Hub, we are committed to empowering children and adolescents to lead happier, more confident lives. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Cool Kids Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Join us in helping kids conquer anxiety!

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Rachel Grosseibl

Rachel Grosseibl

Principal Clinical Psychologist

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